The aim of establishing our Retreat and Education Center was to create a place with an ethos independent of specific religious affiliation, philosophical leaning, world view, or faith: a place that anyone can embrace and feel welcome in. Additionally, we wish to resurrect the great heritage of this former pilgrimage site, where all activities serve to make guests feel whole in body, mind, and spirit.

By putting the emphasis on spirituality and individual spiritual practice, the Monastery hopes to contribute to more tolerance in interpersonal relations, by way of promoting mutual acceptance and understanding of one another, in hopes of encouraging more cooperation needed for a positive and sustainable future. The Monastery aims to provide this catalytic force by taking into account the current world view of contemporary people, using an holistic and interdisciplinary approach in tune with modern interfaith spirit, and based on unmediated personal experience, and direct contact with various important phenomena. The Monastery also serves as an Education Center offering comprehensive, practice oriented programs to help participants achieve their  spiritual goals, and incorporate the routine of spirituality into their everyday lives by participating in

  • retreats, spiritual exercises
  • meditation courses, workshops
  • self-awareness programs
  • creative arts and crafts workshops
  • special dietary weeks
  • naturopathic treatments.