For a higher level of individual consciousness, for the mental and physical well-being, for the joy of the community building and collective action.

At the spring and summer time we are pleased to invite to our psychological-spiritual programs all those are planning to take one of their weekend with intellectual refueling, with true relaxation or with deeper understanding of themselves.

Packages are valid for all year

Retreat 3=4
Gourmet Package

There are organized programs continuously that we undertake to help and catalyze in the individual the already started process of intellectual and spiritual development. We provide assistance those people want to remove from the hustle and bustle of the world for a few days who want to spend quality (valuable) time with us.


May you imagine the search for your way individually or in groups? Both are possible.

Individual sessions:An interaction between participant and the spiritual leader, which requires mutual trust and cooperation. The mentor turns to his partner with his whole being, who absorb the valuable, takeover knowledge and experiences with open heart and attention during the way of gaining perception.

Group sessions: For at least 5-6 people, ensuring the possibility of co-development and co-refueling. The group members do not necessarily know each other. The Mentor treats all participants in the group with equal attention and guide them to detect and learn previously unknown or hidden values in themselves in a relaxed natural atmosphere.

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