The Tao of Leadership

Quality of the Presence

The Tao of Leadership is more than a way of doing or behaving, rather than a way of being. It’s a know-nothing strategy when the leaders are open-minded and the only “tools” their need to use are their quality of the presence.


Successfully dealing with strategy in turbulent times
In a day

Deal with unpredictable

How to achieve given targets in a continuously changing, ambivalent, turbulent environment?

New ways of change management

How should develop an understanding and skills on new ways of – continuous, daily – change

The art of improvisation

In the session our leaders should learn the art of improvisation.

How to build solutions step by step

How to know and build solutions step by step, how to deal with unpredictable and to utilize creativity in
business environment?

Discover one’s own way of change creativity

Understanding ourselves and as an individual who part of several structures (myself, my team and
company) and discover our own way of change.

Pantha Rhei

There is no permanent reality except the reality of change; permanence is an illusion of the senses.
There are all permanent and perpetual in motion. The motion, the change is a constant and unending
in the whole world. One single moment does not repeat itself in the river of the existence. The living
and the lifeless one forever change, which it shows by the time I touch it, not anymore too truth. But
what is the truth?

“Below is the incessantly surging being world,
Only delusion, fade away mirage.”

Nowadays is not a lukewarm water time. We said goodbye to the security. Our past is known.
Uncertainty means stepping into the unknown in every moment of our existence. Uncertainty, on the
other hand, is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom. … Without uncertainty and the
unknown, life is just the stale repetition of our outworn memories. If we don’t step into the unknown we
become the victim of our past, and our tormented days will be built up from the leftovers of the past.

What does a focused and well-grounded leader look like in this fast and tumultuous time? What should
as a leader do the heir amidst changes? How shall we turn towards our own abilities? How we bring
forward the best qualities from ourselves. The Book of Changes is moving with the flow of life to
pursue the implementation of ourselves not only introduces a more dominated, orderly, balanced and
peaceful state, but also their environment and their world. With more than 5,000 years old Taoist
context of a well-organized system of knowledge and a set of practice to understand that everyday life
can get a good tool to provide assistance to the changing world to answer questions.

Concept of the Workshop

Tao means how: how things happen, how things work. By knowing Tao, we know how things happen.

According to the Tao the greatest leaders are unknown to their subjects. When a leader organizes
matters in harmony with the Tao, the subjects go about their work and believe that their projects are
accomplished entirely through their own efforts. Therefore everyone is content. Next best are leaders
that are loved and praised, then those that are feared. The worst are hated and despised.

Topics of the workshop

A different way to look the leadership: self-awareness, capability and functioning.


Warm up, aims, agenda and the changes to our current relationship. The changes, which we have,
and changes, which we would like. Our present experiences with the change and shift.

The Western and Eastern way of thinking

The two cultures from the viewpoint of us the opposition setting up of his most determining units. The
perception of changes is in the Western and Eastern thinking. The grasp of the changes, relationship
with them, living together with the changes, monitoring the changes, follow-up way of seeing and life
practice in the two cultures. From coping with situations and to transforming them.

Temptations of the times

Several time our promised virtues or plans fall prey to the passions of the moment and daily routine.
What are our time perspectives that are influencing our strategic and every daily decision? Past –
Present – Future oriented in a negative or positive ways are determine every our decision unaware.
Leadership and success are rooted in a trait most of us disregard: the way we orient toward the past,
present and future. We suggest let’s calibrate your outlook on time as a first step to improving your
way of being.

Tao of leadership and its way of leading

The personality of the narcissistic, charismatic and authentic leaders. Autentic leadership a particular
approach, which is very unique, because it’s focusing to the inner game of the leadership, to the selfleadership.
From stuck tension to extension of your energy, from out there to in here, from playing to
your strength to strengthening your play, from driving result to attracting the future, from it’s all about
me to I’m all about it. From ego-based managing to leading as your boundless, whole self. Shifting the
mind-set, heart-set and self-set into a new, authentic way of leading and living. What is the process of
change while managing or creating the change? Follow simply the surviving strategy or express a

Discover own personal way of change and spontaneity

How do we make aware our present and attention to the here and now? How does the level of
spontaneity influence our improvisational ability? What we are doing in inside? What is our inner
thinking process? The moment of leadership at the time of the crisis by being present. Integrity is the
cornerstone of how we lead. Let go, in order to achieve.

Strength to change

Leaders get to know their own role repertory and they learn what is useful, what is fragmenting and
what would be desirable considering their situation and their purposes. Leaders can get a view of their
emotions that unconsciously determine their role responses. The training stimulates leaders to release
their natural internal strengths and to utilize the opportunities hidden in their personality. This makes
leaders gain new energy to change. At the end of the training, leaders work out and action plan
serving the development of their new roles.

Expected result

In a world where leaders are under constant pressure to be faster, better, leaner, The Tao of
Leadership goes beyond the “why” and “what” of leadership, to the “how”, showing for the leaders that
moving from coping to transforming is as personal as it is professional. Leaders going to make the flip
and in doing so can open themselves. As pragmatic as it is inspirational, The Tao of Leadership is an
essential approach for today’s leaders.
The training reinforces the consistent leadership mindset by providing for leaders to experience and
experiment. It helps to float to the hidden resources, skills and personal development more
successfully able to control the change.

After the accomplishment of the program the participants:
• understand the Chinese way of thinking and leadership
• gain insight into the current changes in the characteristics associated with situations
• change their time perspective
• receive feedback on personal behavior and their leadership styles
• understand the reasons of emerging resistance in their personal situations and they will be able to
resolve it.

Tao Te Ching:
Therefore the sage goes about doing nothing, teaching no talking.
The ten thousand things rise and fall without cease,
Creating, yet not possessing.
Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten.
Therefore it lasts forever.

Methods used

Input: Tao The Ching, Linji, small lecturers, dialogs, books, film
Development: leadership role analysis, dramatic and simulated situations, case study, and
Workshop: group moderation, small group work

STUDENTS: Euro 204,-
BUSINESS: Euro 530,-

The price includes the accommodation with breakfast, full board and VAT. Tourist tax exclusive.

Somoskői Soma CMC, PCA facilitator
Somoskői Soma has been working with 20 years bussiness experience in the HC Consulting and OD
fields, in the Leadership Assessment & Development area most different in consulting and
training/teambuilding projects as a Certified Management Consultant, Person-Centered Facilitator,
Role-Centered Coach, Psychologist and Psychodramatist.

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