Corporate yoga

with Ashwani Bhanot

The hilly region of Sopron is famous allover Hungary and Austria for its lovely healing fresh air and high energy. A lot of people come to Sopron for ailment rehabilitation. Yoga comes to Sopron Monastery with Ashwani, where you feel the uplifting presence of spiritual energy of Nuns and Monks who must have practiced meditation and religious discipline for hundred of years.

Each and every stone and pillor of this monastery is singing the song of happiness and peace according to Ashwani. This place clears your mind within moments of you entering this gorgeous space. Its a place of high energy and fire element, which is responsible of stability and spiritual energy according to Ashwani. The monastery is based on a small hilltop and having a lovely forest as background. You will fall in love with the lovely bright alleys, lovely back garden, 700 hundred year old dining hall restored in a modern way and the big wooden yoga and meditation hall.

Yoga is an ancient science of healthy living, having clarity of thought and keeping a calm state of mind; having optimum physical, mental and emotional health to face any situation.
How often does it happen that we are enjoying what we are doing and are up for every kind of challenge without affecting our mental balance? Most of us in our corporate careers are burdened with deadlines, meetings and commitments and are mostly stressed. Not only affecting our productivity but also our personal health. The only respite for us is a weekend or a holiday, that too if we are not constantly thinking about our next assignments or Monday meetings.

Ashwani Bhanot has been working very closely with various International organizations in India and abroad Like UNDP, UNICEF, The Ford Foundation, American Embassy School, The Canadian High Commission, Chinese Embassy, Slovak Embassy etc. to equip employees to prepare themselves to face the ever-growing pressure of work and a fast paced life. We have developed a concept called Yoga at work.

He teaches the participants various Yoga techniques to attain clarity of thought, concentration of mind, peace, enthusiasm, and flexibility. Maintaining high energy levels, even during stress situations.

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