Values Training 14.-17. Mai

Richard Barrett’s Values Centre has arrived to Hungary!

Part 1 & 2 Combined Training

Dates: May 14-May 17
Location: Monastery of Sopron, Hungary
Trainer: Chris Monk & John Campbell
Language: English
Price: € (excl. VAT) 2,995.00


Integrated Cultural Transformation Tools (iCTT)

The 4-day integrated Cultural Transformation Tools (iCTT) training course combines the 2-day CTT Part 1 (Models & Tools) and 3-day CTT Part 2 (Building a Vision-guided, Values-driven Organisation) courses providing coaches, consultants and change agents with everything they need to, firstly, become accredited with this powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches that will enable them to fully integrate these tools into their client proposition.

In co-delivering the new 4-day iCTT course, John Campbell and Chris Monk between them bring many years ‚practitioner‘ experience of working with the Cultural Transformation Tools to supplement this course; and they integrate their learning – along with other case studies – into the 4 days training so that course participants get to learn about real-life examples of cultural transformation. In addition, they have very complementary senses of humour so, if you like a bit of a laugh, then sign up for one of our courses and we’ll ensure that you don’t go away disappointed…..! Additionally, either Chris or John will provide 2 hours of post-training mentoring to help get you started with organising, interpreting and presenting your first Cultural Values Assessments.

Additional Description

The first day of the iCTT training will focus on the 7 Levels of Consciousness model and the Individual Values Assessment. Day 2 introduces the organisational perspective, covering the Cultural Values Assessments, Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessments, and the use of demographics within organisations. Day 3 focuses on leadership development incorporating Richard Barrett’s 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness, and the Leadership Values Assessment and Leadership Development Report 360 degree feedback tools. Day 4 covers the creation of vision and mission statements and, finally, we bring everything together looking at the concept of whole systems change and how different the variety of methods and tools covered fit together within this overall framework. If you’ve already attended a CTT Part 1 course, then you can still choose to attend all 4 days of this course for a reduced fee (and revise the CTT Part 1 elements); or you can miss out the first day and only attend days 2, 3 & 4 instead. Please contact one of us to discuss further. This program will be held at the beautifully refurbished Sopron Monastery in Hungary. Just over the Austrian-Hungarian border from Vienna, this former monastery is described as a ‚unique European treasure‘, and has now been developed into a not-for-profit education/meditation centre and retreat catering for all world views.

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