Suspend your everyday life, and step into the world of meditative spirituality established by the former inhabitants, in order to experience the harmony of retreat.
The core mission of the Monastery today is still to serve as a place of retreat, where guests enjoy seclusion and are able to withdraw from the noisy world outside, and stay in a protective environment that shuts out much of the omnipresent random stimulation often burdening modern existence. Whether coming to participate in a group or an individual retreat, when setting foot in the building guests immediately find themselves in a world separate from regular space and time, one with its own rules and special characteristics:
• the sense of progression of time slows,
• perception is condensed into a single, yet infinite moment,
• the soul is freed from its bounds and is purified,
• the spirit reaches for the skies,
• questions are answered and solutions are found.

The Monastery draws you in, touches your soul, soothes, teaches and transforms you. Contrasted to the time of your arrival, you are not the same person when leaving the Monastery.
All individuals and groups that are looking
• for spiritual and intellectual enrichment and rejuvenation,
• for a place of retreat for a few days to ponder specific issues,
• to spend time preparing to make important decisions,
• to find balance between nature and human spirit,
• to get a sense of monastic life,
• for an intimate setting where they may perform spiritual exercise,   practice meditation, or contemplation,
• for themed programs developed to help achieve balance of body,   mind, and spirit
• to go on a special diet to maintain or regain their health
will feel right at home and are welcome in the Monastery.