Individual Retreat

The Eremite SaintStays of just a few days at the Monastery Retreat Center result in personal transformation, because the experience is relevant to the core of who we are.

An individual retreat is a period of time when a guest arrives without a companion, and stays in the protection of the Monastery without joining any group programs. Simply put, this is guaranteed personal time that a guest can spend alone, secluded from everyday life. This time may involve any combination of rest, contemplation, reading, dining, creative practice, nature walks or any other personal activity.

Naturally, a couple, or a handful of people may also spend time on an individual retreat.

The unique environment inside the Monastery allows guests to balance their spirit. A lack or loss of this balance is a common factor causing physical or spiritual fatigue. Establishing or regaining spiritual balance is perhaps most effectively done by achieving an optimal inner state. This is done by both harmonizing physical activities (e.g. proper diet, schedule, and lifestyle) and by practicing contemplative techniques focusing attention inward (e.g prayer, meditation, quieting the mind).

If you seem to have lost contact with your inner resources, feel exhausted, and feel that you are therefore in need of true rejuvenation of spirit, the Monastery offers a chance to strengthen yourself by spending some time on an authentic retreat.

This special place of pilgrimage has a significant status among the cultural heritage of the region, which – coupled with its unique atmosphere – exudes a strong spiritual aura, that becomes apparent to all who visit the Monastery. Since the recent full restoration of the building, the unique ambiance once again permeates the interior spaces of the Monastery, the spiritual heritage is clearly present, almost palpable, in fact. The uplifting heritage of daily spiritual practice accumulated over the centuries of monastic life provides a certain opportunity to experience inner peace and purification of soul for those spending time among the robust walls of the venerable building.

The Monastery of Sopronbánfalva is one of those places where the soul may find peace and quiet and may heal its wounds. After leaving, guests may recognize a noticeable change in the daily life they return to. To achieve this improvement, it is often sufficient to spend a few days in the Monastery even without participating in any special activity or spiritual practice.

If you wish to go through the retreat experience with guidance or in a group setting, The Monastery also offers regular themed programs lasting several days.

In addition, groups may also bring their own programs to the Monastery, and take advantage of the conducive environment and facilities already present in the building.

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