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Please take a moment to read this important information.

Data displayed on this website (, is intended to serve as a source of information, but does not comprise or imply an offer or state a specific condition, as the website content may not at any given time reflect actually current conditions or offers in force. Publisher of this website (Eszterháza Kulturális, Kutató és Fesztiválközpont Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., referred to as Publisher) may apply changes to this website at any time, therefore visitors are advised to contact Monastery staff at (+36) 30 99 505 895 or to confirm the up-to-date nature of information they intend to rely on. The Publisher assumes no fault or responsibility for any bad data available online or digital transfer error related to the website.

If you share your personal data with the Publisher (e.g. when making a reservation, signing up for news or a program, etc.) you at the same time give express consent that the Publisher store and use this data in line with the purpose connected to use of this data and according to the rules contained in the Data Protection Principles of the Publisher. In absence of a request to opt out, a subscription for the Monastery Newsletter may be made registered for you after you send a room reservation.

When your room booking request is confirmed by the Publisher, you are under obligation to use the requested services according to your booking details.


If you choose to cancel your booking, you will be charged based on the total net price of the services cancelled, according to the rates below:

More than 3 days prior: no charge
within 3 days: full charge

The cancellation charge payment shall be due no later than the 8th day from receiving the bill for the cancellation charge.

Thank you for your attention.

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