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banfalva monasteryThe Monastery is an ideal place for group activities, themed programs, corporate off-site events, board meetings, conferences.

• The Monastery can host a total of 28 sleep-in guests.
• The Refectory (Restaurant) accommodates a 50 person seated or a 120 person standing function.
• The Novitiate (Conference and Lecture Hall) on the first floor has seating for 60 people and accommodates 120 people at a standing reception.
• The smaller of the 2 Meditation Rooms on the top floor provides comfortable seclusion for 6 people, while the other is large enough for up to 20 people.
• The Library has a total of 16 places at reading tables, each equipped with internet connection.
• The Lounge on the top floor is capable of holding 15-30 people.
• The Practice Hall in the loft has sufficient space for meditation, yoga or workshops for the entire group staying in the Monastery.

Please send us an email to info@sopronmonastery.org to request a printed copy of the Group Retreat Brochure, or to request an offer and to receive answers to questions you may have.

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