Menu – 2020


Farm chicken soup with semolina dumplings                                   1.100,- Ft

Beef cheek goulash soup                                                                1.200,- Ft

Pumpkin cream soup with roasted seeds                                        1.200,- Ft


Grilled goat cheese with saffron apple,                                             2.800,- Ft

fresh salad and pecan-nut                                                                           

Goose liver creme brulée with marinated onion,                               3.900,- Ft

pepper caramel and buttery brioche

Curry salmon fillet, carrot puree,                                                     3.800,- Ft

ginger chilli coconut sauce and quinoa                                                         

Main courses

Soft beef cheeks with fried potato cream,                                        4.000,- Ft

pearl onions and mushroom                                                                         

Veal goulash with egg noodles                                                         4.100,-Ft

and cucumber salad with sour cream

Trout filet with beet root texture, butter gnocchi                              4.200,- Ft

and Salicornia                                                                                             

„Roast a la Brasso” from mangalica pork medallions                        3.700,-Ft

with confit onion and speck valute

Chicken breast, breaded duck liver, potato puree,                           3.800,- Ft

parsnip chips and capia pepper cream

Shiitake mushroom fried in beer tempura,                                        3.200,-Ft

with potato-noodle filed by ricotta, flap mushroom valute

and blueberry mering


Pumpkin brownie, pumpkinseed mousse                                         1.800,- Ft

and macaron

Chilli chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream                                  1.500,- Ft

and oat cookie

Aged cheese selection from Italy                                                    2.500,- Ft

with homemade marmalades

Bread basket                                                                                    400,- Ft

Butter                                                                                               200,- Ft

Chef: Péter Szabó

Restaurant manager: Zsolt Raposa

Our prices include VAT and are given in HUF

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