Pauline Exhibition

Even today, the presence of the monks of the sole Catholic male monastic order of Hungarian founding is palpable in the building. Since the November 2010 reopening of the reconstructed building a permanent exhibition displays the history of the Pauline Order, made possible by the the cooperation and material contribution of the resurrected order, which is once again active in Hungary. Among other interesting features, visitors can view a modern copy of the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa. The much revered painting on display in the Monastery arrived from the center of the Pauline Order – located today in the southern city of Pécs –, and a much older, medieval version of this image is found just on the other side of the wall, hanging in the middle of the sanctuary of the parish church. Below are some highlights from the origins and history of the Pauline eremitic order.

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