Retreat package

Arriving at a strategic decision, or achieving a breakthrough, and even effective learning requires a peaceful environment that supports clear thinking. Yet everyday situation are often not suitable for quality work, nor for creativity to bloom, simply because too many things are happening at the same time. Thinking is a process, a progression of phases producing the idea or thought sought. Naturally, this process is subject to interruptions by colleagues, and arising tasks needing attention. When returning to our thought process often we cannot pick up where we left off, and we have to build up our concentration from the beginning. This is the reason why many of us can work best on planes or trains where there are no distracting office interruptions. In the protection of the Retreat Centre of the often chaotic everyday environment is shut out, is is easy to focus on only things chosen. The seclusion provided inside our hillside retreat is capable of inducing a fluid cycle of rest and work, where meditation, observation, and concentration can intermix in their own rhythm.

Retreat package

¤ 1 night accommodation
¤ breakfast and water and fruit plate
¤ Coffee break morning and afternoon (coffee, tea, cake and biscuit, mineral water, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable sticks)
¤ 3 courses lunch and 3 courses dinner without drinks
¤ Room rent with technics

The price of the package: 169 Euro per night per person
The tourist tax exclusive. (1,60 Euro per person per night)

Package prices per night for groups:

6-12 persons & reservation for
2 nights: 5% discount (160 EUR)
3 nights: 10% discount (152 EUR)

13-18 persons & reservation for
2 nights: 10% discount (152 EUR)
3 nights: 15% discount (143 EUR)

19-28 persons & reservation for
2 nights: 15% discount (143 EUR)
3 nights: 20% discount (135 EUR)

Valid until 31. December 2017.

Please contact Renata Toth per phone: + 36 304 117 923, + 36 / 99 505 895 or per e-mail:


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    IAK Institut für Angewandte Kreativität

    World Servers Foundation

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    Somoskői Soma CMC, PCA facilitator

    From our guest book

    Have had the most wonderful and relaxing stay here. A beautiful and inspirational place.
    Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir
    Reykjavik, Iceland

    This vertoration is a work of genius. A combination of ancient, spirit and modern care. We have had a wonderful meeting, which we hope will procedure results of great value to our world.
    Neville Hodgkinson

    Great place, great atmosphere, unbelivable exiting food and services!!!
    OMV Slovensko

    It was a true gift to be in such a spiritual and nounshing place. It is a place that is serving the world and will continue to do so. Thank you.

    Thank you for a magic moment for the Spirit of Humanity Forum. The special energy of this monastery and lovely welcome of all the people working here were a big contribution.
    Mark Milton

    A wonderful, beautiful and relaxing stay, great attention to detail + to ensure that your guests had a lovely stay! Thank you so much!
    Dominic Blanckenstein / Munich

    A wonderful place, peaceful, relaxing and excellent food! We will be back!
    Jo Indekeu/ Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium
    22. 07.2012

    Nice to come back to my birth and spiritual roots with my wife.
    07. 2012

    The most amazing place we every stayed at!
    Greetings from CzR
    02. 2012

    Thank you for the a wonderful stay and experience! Wonderful people with a lot of care and love. Fantastic venue and outstanding food what else can one expect. Love,
    Tor Eneroth / Barrett Values Centre

    The best executive retreat centre in Europe! Everything is done with love and care. We will definitely be coming back soon.
    Richard Barrett / Cairman Barrett Values Centre

    Thank you for providing such a beautiful place and wonderful atmosphere. Such kind and attentive staff too.

    Judymay Murphy /TedX Pannonia

    Wonderful hotel and conference centre that connects us with the spiritual roots of Hungary. And with modern 21st century facilities.
    Thierry de Wijn / Foundation the Art of Cocreation

    Great service with fantastic food in a peaceful place! i really enjoyed being with you!
    Christina Noguiera / Brasil / Walking the Talk

    Good service, very nice people! Good place to have a conference spiritual history.
    Dick Spangenberg / Netherlands

    Outstanding hospitality, artful environment and food. super staff.Thank you so much!
    Marilyn Taylor, Canada


    All communal areas inside the Monastery serve to provide guests with a peaceful environment conducive to intellectual enrichment during education programs… Read more

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