Temporary exhibitions

Sopron Monastery Hotel is functioning not just as a hotel and restaurant but it gives place for continuous and temporary exhibitions as well.

Since the institution’s open in 2011, the cooperation with Kovács Gábor Art Foundation still exists. This is proved by the many art works exhibited by KOGART Gallery in the Monastery and by the temporary exhibitions organized in cooperation with the Gallery, in every second or third months.

Our current temporary exhibitions:

*Abstract thoughts
About the details you can read HERE.

*József Szurcsik: Capacities
About the details you can read HERE.

*Exhibition of Tibor Csernus
About the details you can read HERE.
Csernus Tibor: Eleven természet

*Exhibition of István Buda in the gallery – you can read the details HERE.

* We are really happy that the Sopron Photo Art Group has chosen the Monastery for the third time for their photo exhibition. If we compare the new and previous themes, we can conclude that all is popular, easy to understand, and has artistic content. This time, visitor can read popular pop song lyrics and the works of contemporary poets near the photos which can make the exhibition more attractive for younger generations as well.

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