All communal areas inside the Monastery serve to provide guests with a peaceful environment conducive to intellectual enrichment during education programs, creative endeavor during meetings and conferences, or activities promoting health and balance of the physical body.


What had been the center of higher education for the Pauline Order still serves according to its original function today. The Lecture and Conference Hall has a simple form, adorned only with symbolic carvings decorating its giant timber beam supporting the ceiling of the entire space. Audio-visual equipment and staff available by request.

(Capacity: 120 persons standing, or 60 persons seated.)

Practice Hall / Gallery

This large open space adjoining the Lounge is ideal for all types of practice (Yoga, Thai Chi) both on an individual and group basis. It is also available for holding workshops or setting up exhibitions. The space can be subdivided by taking advantage of the presence of the columns running down the center.

(Capacity: 60 persons standing, or 40 persons seated.)


This newly created space is a great companion to some of the more austere spaces in the building. It’s custom designed furniture and imposing height combine to provide a comfortable and roomy space for informal discussions for small groups. It is especially inviting in the evening and late hours.

(Capacity: 15-30 persons)

Meditation Rooms

These simple, bare spaces on the second floor provide seclusion even inside the refuge of the Monastery. Different sizes allow group or individual use for practice in isolation.

(Capacity: 6 and 20 persons, respectively)


One of the special additions to the building is the new Library constructed in the loft. It features 3 formerly hidden Gothic windows of the adjoining church, while on the other side 4 smaller windows open onto the courtyard. The Semi-circular reading tables equipped with Internet access can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time. A book donation program has been initiated to fill the shelves with books on religion, spirituality, philosophy and similar fitting subjects.


An island of tranquility out of doors, yet still on Monastery grounds, it features large old trees, benches, high stone walls and a pavilion in the back suitable for hosting receptions with catering.


The interior courtyard flanked by the tall walls of the Monastery is the home of divine peace. The soft, monotonous sound of the fountain sets an inspiring rhythm to all prayers, meditation and inner focus. When used for events, it is an excellent location for semi-formal receptions, chamber music recitals and other performances, as well as round table discussions. The steeple of the church towering over a corner of the Quadrum is a magnificent omnipresence.

(Capacity: 200 person standing, or 120 person seated.)

Retreat package

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