Art works of Zsuzsa Péreli

The tapestry of Zsuzsa Péreli – made especially for the Sopronbánfalva Monastery – can still be seen besides the graphics of Lajos Szalay, on the exhibition organized by KOGART Gallery.

Péreli Zsuzsa a Kolostorba készülő alkotásával

The imagery of Péreli’s tapestry was inspired by a nearly 300 years old fresco situated in the Refectory. The tapestry called Axis Mundi – illustrates the relation of earthly and celestial world – special destinies, materials and themes are connected actually and figuratively as well. For further information about the background of this work of art, the exhibition and the related ceremonies can be found on the Monastery’s web site.

Boldog Özséb Látomása

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