What is the Monastery of Sopronbánfalva?

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The Retreat Center offers the chance to undergo multiple forms of spiritual experiences when participating in the various programs offered. At any given time, the atmosphere of the place is made unique by the presence of our guests staying in the Monastery. The old and newly constructed spaces blend harmoniously into a coherent complex, and the the blend of the two comprises a building suitable for special programs.

The Monastery is a unique treasure of Europe, and is among the most suitable places for those seeking some time spent solely with pure relaxation, or a period of inner focus and enrichment of spirit and soul – should they arrive from any corner of the world.

In the protection of the robust stone walls built along the hillside forest we are given a chance to step out of the humdrum of everyday life, and focus on only things chosen, or to just rest our mind in a spare, yet friendly and comfortable environment, allowing us to leave the Monastery in a spiritually balanced state.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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